Lab members

Heather Lynch – IACS Endowed Chair in Ecology & Evolution (CV)      (email: heather.lynch AT

Prior to coming to Stony Brook:

  • Assistant Research Scientist (2008-2011) University of Maryland
  • Post-doc (2007-2008) University of Maryland (with Dr. William Fagan)
  • Ph.D. 2006 Harvard University (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology; adviser Dr. Paul Moorcroft)
  • A.M. 2004 Harvard University
  • A.B. 2000 Princeton University

Ph.D. students

Alex Borowicz:
Mobility, Competition, and Scales of Overlap among Antarctic Krill-Predators
Rachael Herman:
Range expansion, colonization, and gene flow in a pioneering seabird species

Bento Goncalves
Inferring Antarctic pack-ice seal population dynamics from satellite imagery
Emma Talis
Mathematical models for penguin population dynamics and behavior
Michael Wethington
Kate Blackwell

M.S. students

Noah Strycker – website


Zarya Shaikh

Lab Alumni

Michael Schrimpf (former PhD student; now a post-doc at the University of Manitoba)

Maureen Lynch (former PhD student; now working for Vermont Fish & Wildlife)

Catherine Foley (former PhD student; now at NOAA)

Casey Youngflesh (former PhD student; now a post-doc at UCLA)

Phil McDowall (former PhD student; now at Google)

Chandi Witharana (former post-doc; now at the University of Connecticut)

Chris Che-Castaldo (former post-doc; now an IACS Postdoctoral Fellow)

Grant Humphries (former post-doc; now at Black bawks Data Science)

M.A. Alumni

Jeffrey ChanAllee effects in emperor penguins

Nicole BenderSpatiotemporal dynamics of Antarctic tourism

High School Alumni

Sandeepna Eranki: Egg laying contagion among Gentoo penguins

Reid Biondo (now attending the University of Virginia): Neural networks for understanding seal distributions

Erin Burke (now attending Claremont McKenna): Life history strategies in seabirds and its impact on conservation

Andrea Dahl (now attending Stanford University): Formation and change of vocal dialects in captive gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) populations

Caroline Biondo (attended the University of Virginia): Are stone stealing dynamics in a penguin colony consistent with predictions from game theory?

Ryan Burke (attended Brown University): Using camera trap methods to study the reproductive success of penguins

William Engellenner (attended Northwestern University): A 15-year longitudinal study of the impact of marine ecotourism on Antarctic penguin populations