Lab members

Lab PI

Heather Lynch – Associate Professor Ecology & Evolution Department (CV)      (email: heather.lynch AT

Prior to arriving at Stony Brook:

  • Adjunct Faculty Applied Math and Statistics UC Santa Cruz (2011)
  • Assistant Research Scientist (2008-2011) University of Maryland
  • Post-doc (2007-2008) University of Maryland (with Dr. William Fagan)
  • Ph.D. 2006 Harvard University (Organismic and Evolutionary Biology; adviser Dr. Paul Moorcroft)
  • A.M. 2004 Harvard University
  • A.B. 2000 Princeton University

Post-doctoral associates


Chris Che-Castaldo

Research focused on hierarchical Bayesian models to explain the occupancy and population dynamics of Antarctic wildlife (a.k.a. the back-end of MAPPPD).


Grant Humphries – website

Research focused on the graphic user interface of MAPPPD, working with Antarctic stakeholders to develop use cases for MAPPPD, and understanding the oceanic and terrestrial habitat requirements for Antarctic seabirds.

Ph.D. Students


Philip McDowall
Pygoscelis coloniality – Cooperation and competition







Maureen Lynch – website
Ecology, behavior, and life history drivers of population resiliency in Pygoscelis papua

Michael Profile Picture.JPG





Michael Schrimpf – website
Avian communities, coloniality, and habitat across the Scotia Arc







Catherine Foley – website
Human impacts on subantarctic ecosystems and mesopredator abundance


PORT_AJB.2015-12-21.ROCKPEPPER.00212 - Version 2.jpg





Casey Youngflesh – website
Environmental forcing in the Antarctic ecosystem – using Pygoscelis penguins as environmental indicators





Nicole Bender
Monitoring species recovery following a rat and reindeer eradication on South

Alex picture




Alex Borowicz

Goncalves picture





Bento Goncalves
Inferring Antarctic pack-ice seal population dynamics from satellite imagery








Rachael Herman








M.A. Alumni

Jeffrey Chan
Allee effects in emperor penguins

Undergraduate Alumni

Lisa Ferguson (Class of 2015)

Matt DePietro (Class of 2015)

Christina Leung (Class of 2014)

High School Alumni

Reid Biondo
Neural networks for understanding seal distributions

Erin Burke (now attending Claremont McKenna)
Life history strategies in seabirds and its impact on conservation

Andrea Dahl (Now attending Stanford University)
Formation and change of vocal dialects in captive gentoo penguin (Pygoscelis papua) populations

Caroline Biondo (Now attending the University of Virginia)
Are stone stealing dynamics in a penguin colony consistent with predictions from game theory?

Ryan Burke (Now attending Brown University) 
Using camera trap methods to study the reproductive success of penguins

William Engellenner (Now Attending Northwestern University)
A 15-year longitudinal study of the impact of marine ecotourism on Antarctic penguin populations