Sad day for Antarctic research

The US Antarctic Program has been shut down due to the government shutdown (NPR, Scientific American). This is a devastating blow to the Antarctic research community; the short austral summer means that even a short delay in logistics could delay some research for a year or longer. Through the generous donations of our many private supporters, the Antarctic Site Inventory field season will proceed as planned. We take this opportunity to reiterate our appreciation for the many many people whose commitment to science allows us to plug ahead during these difficult times.



The Penguin Counters Kickstarter Campaign!

The KICKSTARTER campaign for THE PENGUIN COUNTERS film about the Antarctic Site Inventory project has just launched!

The campaign seeks funding for a festival-ready cut of the film, which, ultimately, is intended for broadcast worldwide. All contributions – small, medium, or large – will help push us towards our goal of $50,000 and ensure that the word about our penguin research gets out!

Also, please check out the official website for THE PENGUIN COUNTERS:

And THE PENGUIN COUNTERS page on Facebook: