Fall 2016 – Lynch Lab Lineup

New lab photo (and some alliteration) with new additions to the lab.

Back Row (from left): Casey Youngflesh, Michael Schrimpf, Maureen Lynch, Phil McDowall, Grant Humphries, Alex Borowicz, Bento Goncalves

Front Row (from left): Catie Foley, Nicole Bender, Heather Lynch (PI), Chandi Witharana, Christian Che-Castaldo


Phil McDowall receives IACS Junior Researcher Award

Ph.D. Candidate Phil McDowall was one of only two recipients of the 2015 Young Researcher Award from the Institute for Advanced Computational Science (IACS) at Stony Brook University. Phil was awarded this prize for his research regarding spatiotemporal dynamics and coloniality in Antarctic penguins. The IACS supports computationally intensive work such as Phil’s, providing access to resources and technologies that might otherwise not be available to researchers.

A massive congratulations to Phil!