The Lynch Lab at Stony Brook University is currently recruiting Ph.D. students with one (or more) of the following skill sets:

  • Strong quantitative skills, mathematical modeling or applied statistics experience; Experience with R strongly preferred
  • GIS and/or remote sensing imagery experience; Experience with ArcGIS required, experience with ENVI/IDL and/or eCognition a plus
  • Extensive field experience studying marine mammals or seabirds; Experience with vessel-based research and polar climates a plus

A Master’s degree preferred but not required. For projects involving quantitative or geographic analysis, those with backgrounds in physics, computer science, mathematics, or statistics encouraged to apply.

Students will have the opportunity to structure their thesis research around a well-established long-term Antarctic research program called the Antarctic Site Inventory that uses vessel-based seabird monitoring to understand the impacts of climate change and other anthropogenic disturbance on Antarctic ecosystems. Financial support may be available through a combination of research grants, graduate fellowships, and teaching opportunities.

If you are interested in coming to Stony Brook for graduate school, please see the program details at http://life.bio.sunysb.edu/ee/programs.htm and/or send me an e-mail (email: hlynch AT life.bio.sunysb.edu).